When to Visit a Gynecologist

Posted on: July 24, 2018

A gynecologist is a doctor that specializes in women's reproductive health. Most will take a holistic approach to a woman's reproductive health, and so it is essential that adult women see the gynecologist on a regular basis.

Many women believe that they do not need to see the gynecologist regularly if they are not sexually active. This belief is not true since they should be visited on a regular basis regardless of whether an adult woman is sexually active or not. Most doctors recommend that a patient see them at least once a year, if not more regularly, to ensure that their reproductive health remains at an optimum level.

First gynecologist visit

It is highly recommended that a young woman should start seeing a gynecologist as soon as they become sexually active. Some women choose to wait, but it is not advisable to wait more than 2 to 3 years after becoming sexually active. However, even if a woman is not sexually active, she should have her first exam by the time she is 21. It is a myth to believe that a woman should wait to focus on her reproductive health until she has become, or could become, pregnant.

Return visits

Typically, most women will only need to see the gynecologist once a year. Some women even choose to visit the doctor once every three years or so because they have no necessity to see the gynecologist more regularly than that. However, if a woman has problems like an irregular Pap smear, changes to their period, pain or irritation in the vaginal area, and other issues then it is highly recommended to make an appointment and see the gynecologist immediately.

Non-regularly scheduled visit

Other situations may arise that prompt a woman to visit her gynecologist more often than once a year. Some of the reasons why a woman may want to come in and see a gynecologist include the following detailed below.

#1 Irregular bleeding

If a woman notices that they are bleeding, but are not having their period, it is a good idea to check in with the gynecologist as soon as possible. Sometimes a woman may bleed during or after intercourse, and this could be a symptom of another condition like a uterine polyp or fibroids which should be treated. Bleeding can also be a sign of you uterine or cervical cancer. If a woman is pregnant and experiences any vaginal bleeding, they should make a point of calling immediately.

#2 Pain or discomfort

If a woman experiences any burning, vaginal itching, pain, or discomfort it is recommended that they call and make an appointment to see the gynecologist immediately. Vaginal discomfort is extremely unpleasant, but it can also be a sign of a urinary tract infection, yeast infection, a sexually transmitted disease, or some other condition that can be treated and managed by a gynecologist.

#3 Menopause

All women go through menopause. During menopause, some women may experience a more substantial flow during their period and others may experience a lighter flow. Most women start menopause in their early 50s, but this is not a set-in-stone year, and so some women may start earlier and others later. If a woman is approaching the onset of menopause and starts the notice changes in their menstrual cycle, it is a good idea to speak with the gynecologist immediately.

#4 Changes in your period

If a woman stops getting their period or the period becomes irregular, they should check with the gynecologist immediately. Among younger women, that kind of change in a period often indicates pregnancy which means that a woman is going to need to have a gynecologist help them maintain optimal reproductive health.
Schedule a visit today

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