What to Expect on Your First Visit With an Infertility Doctor

Posted on: March 16, 2019

Visiting an infertility doctor can be an incredibly stressful time. To overcome this stress, it can be helpful to know what to expect on your first visit.

By understanding what takes place at the infertility doctor on your first visit, you can take the necessary measures to prepare yourself both mentally and physically.

Visiting an Infertility Doctor

While each infertility doctor has their routine for a patient’s first visit, they typically follow certain procedures in most instances.

The following is a guideline as to what can be expected on your first trip to see the infertility doctor.

Review of your medical history

The first thing your infertility doctor will do on is to perform a thorough review of your medical history. This may include asking about what medications you and your spouse are currently taking and how long you have been trying to have a child. They may also document what prior measures have been taken to address the concern.

In the event there is a medical condition that may be causing infertility, a deeper look into the condition may be provided. This will rule out as many possibilities as possible to get down to the exact cause of the issue.

Check for potential issues

After reviewing the medical history of both you and your significant other, the doctor may arrange for various tests. This process will try to diagnose the cause of the issue. Although many issues may be causing the problem, your infertility doctor is likely to first look at three main areas of concern.

Some questions the doctor may have include:

  • Is ovulation occurring regularly?
  • Are the fallopian tubes blocked?
  • Is the sperm count high enough?

In many cases, the problem can be found by answering these three questions. If the woman’s body is not producing not enough eggs inside the ovaries, then measures can be taken to solve the issue.

After diagnosis, the infertility doctor can provide all the treatment options to the individual or couple seeking assistance.

Available treatment options

Fortunately, modern technology provides numerous options available to women and men who may have a harder time with reproduction. Here are a few of the most sought-after options for infertility issues:

  • Fertility drugs
  • In vitro fertilization
  • Intrauterine insemination
  • Surgery
  • Egg donation
  • Adoption

Be sure to discuss each option with your infertility doctor to determine which treatment procedure is right for you and your significant other.

In many cases, the fix may be simple. Fertility drugs could be all that is needed. However, more severe situations may require extensive treatment options.  

How to prepare for your first visit

There are likely going to be some nerves when visiting the infertility doctor for the first time. You may find it helpful to bring your significant other or a friend.

Most importantly, remember to stay positive no matter the diagnosis and understand that there are always options available to those who seek to become a parent.

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