What Is Aesthetic Gynecology?

Posted on: November 19, 2019

Gynecologist Oxon Hill, MD

Looking for a gynecologist who can assist you with genital rejuvenation? As you age, it is entirely normal for you to experience various changes all over your body. One of the changes that you can expect to come with aging include changes to your labia and vagina. Both the internal structure of the vagina and the external structure of the labia can experience various changes. These changes can be minimal and therefore barely noticeable, or they can be significant changes, making it so that you want to do something about these changes. With today’s modern medical advances, you have many options.

What can aesthetic gynecology do?

What is it exactly that aesthetic gynecology can do for someone when their genitals no longer look or function like they used to? An experienced gynecologist can perform a vaginoplasty, a labiaplasty or both on a woman who wants to make improvements to her genital area due to age-related changes. These changes can be purely aesthetic or they can change the functioning of the area.


A vaginoplasty is a medical procedure that focuses on tightening the vagina. The vagina is naturally stretched during sex as well as when going through childbirth and will eventually lose more and more elasticity over a period of time. The fact that the vagina can be stretched often through sex and even more through childbirth can make it so that many women will not enjoy having sex as much as they used to. When the vagina is tightened via vaginoplasty, a woman can once again experience pleasure while having sex.


A labiaplasty is a medical procedure that focuses on changing the size and/or shape of the labia. As women age, it is likely that they will have additional skin folds in this area, which can get in the way of their experiencing pleasure. This extra skin can also get in the way of their being able to wear certain types of clothing. While the focus of having a labiaplasty is to remove excess labia skin folds, it can also be used to make the labia more symmetrical.

Can we answer any of your questions?

Have any questions for our gynecologist? Or are you ready to make a consultation appointment so you can find out more information? We want you to know that we are here for you if he have any questions and know that we have heard them all, so please do not be embarrassed. Since the topic can be a sensitive one, we encourage anyone who is interested in having one or both of these aesthetic gynecological procedures performed to make a consultation appointment, as this will allow them to ask all of their questions in a private setting. We are here for you if you need us!

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