What Does it Mean to Have a High-Risk Pregnancy?

Posted on: May 16, 2019

Looking for more information on high-risk pregnancy? The term is very general, which means it can refer to a wide variety of common health conditions that pregnant women experience while carrying a child.

The problems can be related to preexisting conditions or they can be developed once a woman becomes pregnant. Just because someone is considered to be at high-risk during their pregnancy, does not always mean that they will experience problems. It does mean that they will need to be closely monitored by an OBGYN in order to ensure that their pregnancy is indeed a safe one.

About high-risk pregnancies

Every pregnant woman has concerns about how well her pregnancy will go, which is completely understandable and normal. If a person happens to be diagnosed with a pregnancy that is considered to be high risk, it generally means that they will need to make more visits to see a medical professional for close monitoring. If it is determined that a particular type of treatment is necessary, then the OBGYN will help determine what the best course of action is.

According to John Hopkins Medicine, having one high-risk pregnancy does not mean that all future pregnancies will be deemed high risk, as well.

Conditions that can affect pregnancy

Some of the more common medical conditions, as well as reasons that cause a pregnant woman to be put in the high-risk category, include sickle cell disease, chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure, HIV, AIDS, lupus, anxiety, depression, obesity, diabetes, thyroid disease and simply their age.

Lifestyle factors also often come into play that can negatively affect a woman’s pregnancy, i.e. smoking, drinking alcohol, using certain legal and/or illegal drugs.

Reducing one’s chances of being diagnosed

There are a few things that women can do in order to reduce their risk of experiencing any complications while pregnant. This includes but is not limited to making a preconception appointment with a medical professional, learning everything there is to know about their particular condition, making sure to go to all prenatal appointments, making healthy lifestyle choices, creating a support system amongst friends and family and creating an atmosphere that supports their emotional well-being.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions related to a high-risk pregnancy, know that you can contact us to get the answers that you need. Whether you are currently pregnant or trying to get pregnant, when you have concerns that your pregnancy might be high-risk, it is essential for you to be under medical professionals care.

Your particular situation will ultimately determine the type of treatment that you will need to address your pregnancy, if you are indeed diagnosed as a high-risk patient. If you would like to make an appointment with our OBGYN so that you can learn more, simply call us now so that we can get you scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. We are here for you!

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