Reasons to Schedule a Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure

Posted on: August 16, 2018

If you are considering vaginal rejuvenation, also known as vaginoplasty, you will be happy to know it comes with a multitude of benefits in addition to improving the aesthetic value of your lady parts. A rejuvenation will restore the original, natural look of the vagina after childbirth or age has changed it.

In addition to restoring the look of the vagina, a vaginoplasty will also improve the structural quality of it. An improvement in confidence is just one of the many benefits resulting from this procedure.

Additional benefits of a vaginal rejuvenation procedure

Reduced anxiety 

Having children can cause enough anxiety in itself. Having to worry about whether or not sexual relationships are up to par due to vaginal changes can cause additional anxiety. After having children, in many cases, the vagina can become looser and more delicate. This can lead to a less fulfilling sexual experience due to the anxiety that comes from wondering if a partner was satisfied. A vaginoplasty tightens the vaginal walls, leading to more pleasure for both parties, thereby reducing anxiety.

No period mishaps

A looser vagina can lead to an ill-fitting tampon. For most women, tampons are the protection of choice when it comes to periods. Many women dislike the feel of wearing a pad and prefer the more hygienic approach of wearing a tampon or diva cup that collects all of the menses before it leaves the body. A worn vagina often has trouble keeping these feminine hygiene products in place. The tightening that occurs with a restoration will keep a tampon or diva cup secure without the user having to worry about leaks.

Lower likelihood of incontinence

Incontinence often results from childbirth and aging. It is the accidental leaking of urine due to compromised vaginal muscles. It may occur with a cough or sneeze, or just on its own. Even a little leak can cause self-consciousness and uncomfortable feelings. A vaginal rejuvenation can repair stretched muscles and lead to a stronger pelvic floor and a lower likelihood of struggling with incontinence.

Reduced chance of prolapse

Organ prolapse occurs as a result of loosened muscles and tissues in the pelvic floor. During an organ prolapse (often the uterus or bladder), it becomes weak and drops down to the opening or through the opening of the vagina. This is an embarrassing condition and it causes some discomfort. A vaginal rejuvenation can help prevent a prolapse from happening by tightening loose muscles and narrowing the vaginal opening back to a normal size.

A labiaplasty may be done in combination with this procedure

Some patients visit us to undergo a labiaplasty that shapes the labia, possibly making it more attractive and reducing its size to prevent irritation during sexual activities. Many women opt to also undergo a full vaginal restoration during this procedure. The combination of procedures leads to more confidence, a higher libido and less anxiety.

Learn more about this procedure

If you are considering vaginal improvements, do not wait. We can provide you with the care you need to feel more confident, happier and more at ease. Vaginal rejuvenation has many health benefits that could improve your life. For more information or to schedule an appointment with us, call (301) 804-9516. Our office is located in Oxon Hill. Call Total Women's Care today.