Is Body Contouring Right for Me?

Posted on: August 16, 2018

Do you know that you want to lose weight and improve your body image but are not sure if body contouring is the right solution? If so, you are in the right place. It can be difficult to select the right weight loss products and solutions. With so much available on the market, making a decision can be a lot harder than it sounds. We get it and we are here to help.

First, think about weight loss goals

There are different solutions because everyone has different weight loss goals and objectives. Determining what those are is the critical first step before selecting an option to help lose the weight.

Anyone who is obese should reduce their overall size before looking to contour their body. In this case, severely obese or overweight people may wish to undergo liposuction or have the lap-band procedure. Once a significant portion of the weight has been lost, then it is time to start shaping the body.

On the other hand, anyone who is looking to lose several pounds, but is close to their ideal body weight, will find a body contouring procedure to be incredibly helpful. It can help patients to achieve goals that are not possible through diet and exercise alone.

What is a body contouring procedure?

This procedure is designed to help a person change the shape of their body. This is done using a noninvasive procedure that leverages modern technology to target and breakdown fat cells.

Who is the ideal patient?

Virtually anyone who wants to change the shape of their body, but needs help to do so, should consider this procedure.

For example, a person may wish to have a nipped waistline but be entirely unable to create the shape on their own. Another person may want to keep their curvy hips but want to shrink the size of the upper thighs. Still, some patients visit us because no matter how often they exercise their arms, they cannot get rid of unwanted fat in them. In this case, diet and exercise are effective for overall weight loss but simply cannot achieve the desired results. To get them, patients visit us for help.

Think of this as an opportunity to get creative

A modern body contouring procedure gives patients the ability to get creative when determining how they want to look. Suddenly, patients are placed in the driver seat when designing their own body shape. That is truly incredible and something that has never been a possibility. With that level of control, patients are selecting where they want to have curves and where they don’t.

Plus, this is achieved without the need for plastic surgery – a major victory for patients and their wallets.

Are you ready?

If you know how you want your body to look but simply cannot achieve that goal, now is the time to schedule an appointment with our office.

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